Working The Vineyard

'Working The Vineyard' Griffin Alkyd Oils on Stretched Canvas 1m x 76cm Framed in Australian Oak
1m x 76cm
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'Working The Vineyard'
Griffin Alkyd Oils on Stretched Canvas 1m x 76cm
Framed in Australian Oak

I'm going to call this piece 'working the vineyard'. Mostly because I want it to be clear what is pictured here, as many have grown up missing out on this beautiful working union between humans and other creatures. The person walks behind guiding this stunning and powerful individual forward as they till the soil between the rows. Thankfully there are some who still engage in this gentle practice. This draft horse is working in Saint-Émilion, France. There has been a recent resurgence in the use of horses in vineyards. Working horses not only outperform tractors on tricky terrain but provide a natural way to improve health of soil and crops.
This piece, however, also represents the concept work, of doing what needs to be done. That bit in the middle between the goal and the success. In our house we call it 'working the mud'. My wonderful man is an excellent athlete, and there was a part in a cross country course recently at the base of a long steep incline that was deep with heavy mud. As he exited the corner before it he lined up the swamp dead centre, powered through then on upwards. He heard a man from the sidelines exclaim, 'Like that! He's really working the mud!' We laughed about it, but I saw in that exclamation a metaphor for life and we now use it frequently. It's a tough road between inception and fruition of a worthy goal in that it requires all of us. We must harness up and drive forward, working the mud. The trick is to be without fear, for behind us, is something no one truly understands. An existential force of sorts married with a perceived outer power that guides us. We get to choose. Who we are, what we do, what it all means, and then the wonder that is Creation sounds a tune, just for us, that if we listen carefully, we can then follow to our own realisation.
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