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Artwork Jo has created in recent years including personal projects and work for local and international clients.
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A Note From Jo: "A minimum of 10% of every sale goes to my current registered charity of choice Currently I support CQ Animal Army Inc., Sweetbeau Horses, and Rare Breeds Survival Trust. I am always willing to share the receipt of my donation so that you can be reassured of the fact that there are good and honest people in this world. Thank you for helping me give to the world's creatures."

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Happy Customers

This painting of Nel is just awesome. You'd swear it was actually her about to get up and walk out of the frame. I'm amazed at how quickly you did it too. I am just so thankful and so impressed. Worth every cent. Having you know her makes it even more special. Thanks so much Jo!

NSW, Australia
Thank you for completing this meaningful piece, which reflects a year of growth and discovery in each brush stroke. Your ability to paint emotion is unparalleled, capturing not just an image but also the essence of Pony's quirks and loving nature. This painting represents the good things that are yet to come in the second half of my life. Thank you for your friendship and for creating a serene atmosphere in the room. I am grateful from the bottom of my heart. Love you!

NSW, Australia
Oh Jo the painting of Melody is absolutely fantastic. Thank you so much! Mel was absolutely one in a million! She’s the one that still brings tears to our eyes even after a year now! You really brought her to life again. Even the frame you chose is fantastic. It just looks amazing, thank you so much. I couldn't wait to see Louise's face. And she absolutely loved it!! Your  beautiful picture is now on the wall above the dining table so it is seen every day. Here she is with Nick and her painting. Thank you so much Jo.

New Zealand
Jo, Holy sugar, you are amazing. I can barely see through my tears. God, it's amazing. Thank you so much for painting our Bond, and I love that he has been included in your pamphlet. To lose him just broke our hearts, but to then bump into you only days later really was just too perfect. He was our special boy, and now his memory is alive with us in a whole new way.  I truly do feel blessed to have bumped into you.
You have captured our Bond just beautifully, and I can not thank you enough.
Bond now hangs with great pride in our home.
You are not only a beautiful person Jo, but have been blessed with an amazing talent, and I will be for ever grateful for the stunning work of art you have presented to our family Xoxox

NSW, Australia